Faith was sent home from school on Thursday with a fever, which was only 101.5 at the time. By 2:00 am Friday morning it was reaching 105.0, which pretty much scared the daylights out of us! So, to the doctor we go on Friday. The doctor found an infection in her lung, which she wasn't sure was pnuemonia beginning or damage from her asthma (which has been worse lately). So, they did a chest xray and some blood work. The Xray confirmed that something is in her lungs and they started her on an antibiotic. We haven't heard back on the bloodtest yet, but I am sure it's fine. She started sleeping better this weekend, which was awesome. We go to see her asthma doctor tomorrow morning and I'm hoping that he'll have a better opinion on what is going on with her lungs. Maybe things will go well tomorrow and she'll be back to her typical self soon! We had a good weekend. Grandmaq and Grandpa came to visit Friday night and Saturday, then we headed to Springfield Saturday night to spend the remainder of the weekend with Sam, Susie and Little Miss Olivia. So, all in all..the weekend went great! Lots of fun visiting with family and Faith is getting more sleep, which means happy faces for us all! :)

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