1st Day of 1st Grade...

Today was Faith's first day back to school. She was very excited to go and she even got a little frustrated with me for driving her to school this morning, because she really wanted to ride the bus. She said that she had lots of fun and she likes her new teacher, so we're off to a great start. This is Faith and her best friend, Lexi, shortly after they spotted eachother on the playground this morning. They're so cute!.....and so much alike!!
(And, both their Mom's are named Jennifer!)

Here's to hoping that Faith's excitement about school will last until May! :)

School already?

It really seems like the summer has flown by this year. Faith starts the 1st grade on Tuesday. Seems like she just graduated Kindergarten! She's very excited about seeing all of her friends again, she hasn't visited them much this summer, so she's super anxious to talk to them all. Tomorrow night is open house, we'll get to meet her new teacher, who I have heard great things about. There hasn't been much going on around here, just the same old stuff. I've had a very encouraging couple of days and things are finally starting to fall into place. I'm getting used to the new routine, which is going to change a little when school starts, but not much. Josh has been gone for 5 weeks now, so he'll be preparing for Afghanistan next week. He's doing well, anxious to get gone, so he can get home again. So, things are going well right now. Nothing unpleasant to report. We'll be school shopping this weekend...which is the only kind of shopping I really enjoy, I love going with Faith and letting her pick out her new school things, it gets her even more excited about school. Let's hope that her excitement can withstand the next 12 years of school....and hopefully another four to six years of college after that. :)