The Butterfly Palace

Faith earned 240 stickers for good behavior and her prize was a trip to the Butterfly Palace. So, we drove up to Nixa last Sunday night and stayed with Sam & Susie. We had fun visiting them. We got up on Monday morning and drove to Branson to see the Butterfly Palace. Faith had a great time and the butterflies were beautiful. We went through an Emerald Mirror Maze, which was really funny. We scared ourselves a few times turning a corner and seeing someone standing there, it was actually our reflection. We saw a 3D video about Praying Mantis' and Butterflies, which was interesting, but I'm afraid not really child appropriate. (The butterfly gets eaten by the praying mantis at the end of the film, we were a bit suprised by that!) We got to wander through a room with plants and over 2,000 butterflies. Faith really enjoyed her visit there. She already has her next prize lined up, the Zooquariam. We made a trip to Bass Pro Shops and had a quick dinner with Sam & Susie before heading home. Faith stayed the night with Grandma Phyllis that night, which is always a treat and she had a great time! Thanks Mom!!

Can't Believe....

I can't believe that it's almost Thanksgiving. This year has certainly gone by very quickly. We'll have a busy week ahead of us, but it will be fun to visit with family. Thought I should update you all on our busy little lives. We had a fun Halloween, Faith was Raggedy Ann...and I might add that she was the cutest one I've ever seen! Here are some various pictures from Halloween.

(Faith, Tillie and Bryce)
(Faith and Grandpa Jim)
(Roby Cafe Staff - Mom is the clown with the white shirt and big bow.)
(MMCU Indirect Lending and Marketing Departments)
Jon, Angela and the kids visited us the weekend after Halloween. They went to church with us on Sunday and we watched a movie afterwards before they headed back to West Plains. Here are some pictures of the weekend.

We had a great time, thanks for taking the time to visit us Jon & Angela!!