Stinkin' Weather

I just need to vent for a minute...... This stinkin' weather has Faith's allergies/asthma all messed up. When all this green starts to grow back and it can't decide if it is going to be dry or wet outside, her body just doesn't seem to know how to react. She has been coughing non-stop and when she lays down at night it just gets worse. She is so tired all the time now. I called her doctor and he said there isn't anything he can do for her, so he referred her back to the allergy & asthma doctor is Springfield. He is a great doctor and will hopefully figure out a way to help her breathe easier without adding to her list of medications. I feel like I have been living in "zombie" mode for this past week, just going through the motions until I can lay down and try to get some rest again. With how tired I am, I can't imagine how exhausted Faith must feel. And, gosh, there are parents out there who only get a few hours sleep each night, I feel like such a wimp sometimes. Anyway, Faith will see the doctor next Tuesday, I hope we can all figure out how to get some rest until then.

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