We were at my sister, Jamie's, house on Thursday and she and her husband took Faith out to help gather chicken eggs. They gave her several to bring home with her. We came in the door and I went about my business of cleaning up some things. She came running to me and here's what was said:

Faith: Mom, come see!

Me: Ok, what's going on.

She took my hand and lead me into her toy room with my eyes closed.

Faith: Okay, you can look now.

Me: Honey, why are the eggs in your toy room and not in the kitchen.

Faith: Mom, look...they can hatch now!

Me: No, honey, these are eggs for cooking and not for hatching.

Faith: But, Mom, I have a lamp and everything just like Uncle Robbie. If we leave them here for like a whole week, they will hatch.

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