Faith's appointment went okay this morning. The doctor confirmed that it is pnuemonia in her lungs (and not damage from her asthma) and also that it is beginning to clear up a little. He switched her inhaler from Qvar to Symbicort (which has a steroid in it similar to pulmacort). He will see her again in two weeks to follow up on the pnuemonia and make sure it's all cleared up and also to see how things are going with the Symbicort. If she is feeling well by then, he's also thinking about doing another allergy test. He thinks she may have developed a new allergy since her symptoms have been worse this spring. So, that's what we found out today. She does seem to feel better. She went on a hike with her Girl Scout troop this afternoon and she did great. She was one of the few girls who didn't slow down for even a second and her asthma didn't bother her at all while on the hike, so she must be feeling much more like herself! :)

I did want to see if anybody who reads this has had any experience or knows anyone who has had experience with Symbicort. I haven't heard great things about it and I am kind of worried about her being on this inhaler. She didn't do well with Advair and this is a similar inhaler, so I'll be on my toes watching for side effects, but if you have anything to say about it, please let me know. Thanks!

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