Faith graduated Kindergarten last Friday. Here is the cap and gown picture that was taken the week before, I don't have the graduation ceremony pictures at home yet. She looks so big here. She is a 2009 Kindergarten Graduate and if she continues to do well in school, she will be a 2021 High School Graduate. It seems so far away, but I know we'll be sitting in that crowd watching her get her diploma in the blink of an eye!

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God, My Savior Forever! said...

Hi! Just started following your blog. You have a beautiful little girl. I love the new school pics they take..not like before where all you got was a head shot with a pale blue background lol. I love th eplaydough idea...too cute! You're right...I can totally relate..I graduated in 1999 and my baby brother who is now 18 is graduating tonight from high school class of 2009...huh...I feel a lil old lol. I'm still young at heart thought and that's what counts:D Enjoy the time the Lord blesses you with your beautiful Faith!

Hugs, Susan