My Big Girl

I just needed to post this morning about how proud I was of Faith when I took her to preschool.We were up kind of late last night, so I didn't expect her to do well. When we got to school, there was a boy in the class having a major meltdown. He was not only screaming and crying, but also kicking and hitting the teacher. I thought for sure that Faith would lose it at this point, because as we all know, tantrums can cause a snowball effect with children...and it started down the line slowly, one child after the next grabbing on to their Mommy or Daddy's leg and crying. Faith was covering her ears and looking rather distraught, so I expected her to do the same. I leaned down and hugged her, whispered into her ear how proud I am of my big girl and kissed her cheek. She then walked up to the teacher and proceeded with the daily task of ordering lunch, looking through the book bag and saying Good Morning. She hung up her "pack-pack" and went to her seat, got her coloring page and crayons and said "I love you Mommy, I'll see you at 5."
As I walked out of that room watching my big girl coloring with all of the emotional chaos going on around her, I could not have been more proud.

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Tara said...

Way to go Faith!!!!