First Day of School

Faith's first day of Preschool was today. She woke up very excited and wanted to leave right away. I snapped some pictures of her getting ready and even caught her excitement in one of them. She was very anxious and in a hurry to get there. She gets to take one toy with her each day, so she also had to get her baby ready. She was telling her baby about all of the new people she would meet and about the playground and her teacher. She told her baby that it would be lots of fun and that Mommy will always pick her up. That made me very happy, but also made me almost break down before we even got in the car to leave. I love that she knows that I will always come back and always be there when she needs me. That is comforting throughout the day when I'm at work and worried if she's missing me. This morning was an emotional roller coaster for me. I was so excited for Faith and so happy that she was so ready to go, but I was also running the same old doubts through my mind. Why didn't I stay home with her for just two more years? Now I don't even have the option of staying home with her. Then I remind myself of how social and independent she really is. She never would have done well cooped up in the house with me. She would be the one with cabin fever, always wanting to go go go. She's a Littlejohn for sure. I guess most working Mom's put themselves through the ringer for the same things that I do. I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow, but today was a tough one. Faith did great at school and was non stop talking all the way home. She wanted to tell me about everything from what they had for lunch to who she gets to sit by to who cried all day long.....little did she know that was Mommy. So, now I'm going to get her in the bath and into bed, where I can still cuddle with her until she gets too big for that as well.

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Tara said...

I love how she said "mommy will always pick you up". Makes you feel good when they know you'll be back! I hope every day gets a little easier for you - and I hope she is having a blast with it!!!