Parent Orientation

We went to Parent Orientation at Maranatha last night. Faith was great, she met some new friends and was excited to see her name tag on her desk area. I think she is a little like me with some things and likes to know that certain spaces are hers and hers alone, she likes structure and has to know what's next, she's constantly asking what we're going to do next or who are we going to see next. But, the rest of her is just like Daddy. She's social and outgoing and a natural born leader. I'm not sure why this is upsetting for me, there is something about my baby growing up that makes me very sad. I stood there watching her and wondering to myself why I felt that I had to be encouraged. Shouldn't I be encouraging Faith, shouldn't she be the one with the fears and the doubts?? She doesn't need it, she's independent and social and doesn't worry about things that I do. She's ready for this chapter of her life, she's ready to make new friends and meet her new teacher. I'm not ready. Maybe that's why they call it Parent Orientation and not Student Orientation.

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