Dad's 57th Birthday

We celebrated my Dad’s 57th Birthday yesterday. Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the cake. We bought a few of those candles that won’t go out and it was fun to watch him try to blow them out. Faith and Bryce even tried to help Papa blow them out.

My Dad is a great man who is respected by every person who knows him. And, if you ask anyone in the surrounding areas about him, I’m sure they would have a great story to tell. He’s been in the area since his birth, way back in 1950! I always said growing up that I would get as far away from here as I could after graduation. But, when I got out there in the world and realized that every place isn’t as honest and good hearted as my hometown, I just wanted to go back. My Dad represents what I see in so many people from the area….he’s a good man through to his bones. I have always been proud to call him my Dad. He’s the epitome of what a Father stands for. Caring, loving, dedicated, honest, hardworking, loyal, honorable, respected and so much more. And I couldn’t ask for a better Grandpa for my daughter, she just adores him. She wants to see him every day and talks about him a lot. She loves him like I do, but I think maybe even a bit more, because Grandpa is not nearly as strict as Dad is! I always felt like he was over protective when I was a child, but now that I have my own child, I see that he was nearly being a Dad. Loving us and protecting us in the only way that he could. He always encouraged me to do better, to give it a little more and to never give up. He taught me so much about life, but hardly ever said a word. He leads by example, not by words. He is one of those strong, silent, gentle types that inadvertently scare off the boyfriends, but keep their daughters very close to their hearts. I always knew that I was very loved by him, even if he never said it, I still knew. I couldn’t have picked a better Father for myself, even if God had given me the pick of all men in the world, he is my perfect Dad. I’m so thankful for all that he stands for. I’m thankful for every second I’ve ever spent with him.

Happy Birthday Dad!!! We all love you so very much!

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