Let it snow....

The snow we had last week brought a lot of fun with it. Faith built a snowman and did some sledding. Faith really enjoys the snow and doesn't seem to get cold at all, she would stay in the snow for hours if we let her. I kind of hope that we do have one more round of snow this year, so that she can enjoy it again. The snow is almost gone in our neck of the woods now, but the weather is still very chilly. The wierd mixture of snow, ice and rain left us with some very slick roads last week. Faith got to have almost the entire week off from school, so she got a fun little break. I got stuck three times in the car...and am very thankful for such great helpful men in the community! My car was stuck in the driveway on Tuesday, so my neighbor came over with his tractor and plowed the driveway for me so that I could get in and out. My boss picked me up for work one day and helped get my car "unstuck" on another day. Another nice guy in the community helped me to get my car out of my sister's driveway on another morning last week. To say the least, it was pretty crazy for anybody to get from one place to another last week. So, I'm glad that is over with. :) Maybe the next snow will be easier to get around in! :) I hope everyone has enjoyed the snow and any time off work or school.

On another note, my niece Tillie had her surgery recently and everything went very well. She is at home and recovering wonderfully. Thank you all for your prayers and for all the phonecalls while she was in the hospital. We really appreciate it. Also, our nephew Koen had his adenoids removed last week and is also doing wonderfully. God sure takes care of our little ones!

(I recently got to practice my photography skills on Tillie...here is one of the photos from that session with her...she's just beautiful! - ps...the surgeon didn't have to shave any of her hair for the surgery, so she still has all that pretty blonde hair!)


Tara said...

Hopefully you can practice your photography skills on Koen around Faith's birthday. Tillie is beautiful - and I'm so glad to hear she is doing better. I was very worried about her.
Love the pictures of Faith in the snow - glad she got some good quality time with daddy.

Betsy said...

I cant believe how big she is getting! She looks like she is going to be tall! The snowman looks great! I didnt know you liked photography!? Very good job!