Christmas 2008

We celebrated Christmas a few times this year and were able to visit with most of our family. We had a great time, but we were pretty tired when it was all over. Faith had a wonderful time opening all of her gifts, singing at the programs and getting to play with all of her cousins. It would take me days to post all of the pictures from our Christmas season, so I just randomly picked some from here and there and made this slideshow. You can see that all of the kids (and the adults as well) had a great time!

We got exciting news twice during Christmas. Jon and Angela are expecting their 4th blessing next year and Tom and LeAnn are expecting their 2nd blessing next year as well. Congratulations to both families - it's always heartwarming to hear of a new baby on the way!!! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Angela M. Littlejohn said...

I'll have to get after LeAnn for not telling me this news! I saw her just a couple of weeks ago. Who is the baby with the shirt that says Who Needs Santa? I've Got Grandparents! I saw those little shirts on clearance after Christmas and thought about getting one for next year..but with our giant babies it probably wouldn't have fit by December.

Michelle said...

Thanks for your comment! So far I'm really glad I moved in with my mom; it's such a blessing to have her help with the kids - especially at bedtime! :) I know there will be times that I'll wish I had my own house etc, but overall I know this was the best decision for us at this time.

Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!