Student of the Month

Faith is the Student of the Month! We also recieved her first semester grade card a few weeks ago and she did great. Her teachers speak very highly of her.....and once again, she is the Mother Hen of the class. Who didn't see that coming? Anyway, we are proud of her and wanted to share her big news.
Sorry I haven't blogged in a few weeks, but we have just been really busy. Faith had a fun Halloween, she was Snow White this year. I had the flu that night, so she went trick or treating with Aunt Jamie. I don't have any pictures yet, I have to get them from Jamie. Let's see, we visited the Zoo and Chuckie Cheese's a few Sundays ago. It was lots of fun for the kiddos....but we were all very tired at the end of the day. Josh and Faith went back to Chuckie Cheese's the next weekend for a birthday I think Josh has had his fill of Chuckie Cheese for atleast the next year or so. So, that's about it....we've just been working, schooling and trying to spend time together in between. I love when the fall rolls around and the weather is still nice enough to be outside without sweating, but it sure seems like fall is already ending this year. I'm glad we have been able to do a few things together before it gets cold again.
A quick thanks to those of you who have been praying for Jamie. The surgery went great and she is home now, where she would much rather be. Mom is trying to help her as much as Jamie will allow. The doctor told her that she was fine to lift Tillie. She has 15 staples in her stomach, so I really don't think she should be, but the doctor knows best. So, anyway....Jamie's doing great....Thanks again.

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