This weekend was very eventful for the Littlejohn and Raysor families! Sam and Susie had their wedding on Saturday....and I must say that it was absolutely gorgeous!! Everybody had such a great time and all of the kids had so much fun getting to play and dance. Susie looked stunning in her wedding gown and Sam looked very nice in his tux. Miss Olivia looked very adorable in her little red dress. She did so well this weekend, even with all of the commotion, she was a little social butterfly and really ate up all of the attention! :) Here are some pictures (taken by H.O. Wade of Vivid Impressions).


Betsy said...

These pictures are really really good! You guys look awesome and Faith is beautiful. Tell Josh he good job on the weight loss, he looks totally different.
Where did they get married? That place looks really nice.

Angela M. Littlejohn said...

The pictures turned out fabulous! I told Jon they were on the studio's website and it took us 30 minutes just to look at all of them! You guys really, really do an amazing job! Go H.O. Wade!!!!! :)