Birthday Pictures

Here are a few pictures of the birthday party. We did a movie theatre theme this year complete with a concession stand, tickets and an old time popcorn machine (thanks Papa Jim!). The kids went through the line to get their tickets, candy, popcorn and soda and then downstairs through the ticket line to the "theatre". Everyone seemed to have a great time and if you haven't yet seen it, the BEE Movie so adorable.
Here are some pictures of the cupcakes. This was the first time I have ever made Faith's birthday cake/cupcakes myself. I usually just buy a cake, because of the time retraints of working full time, but I was determined this year to do it myself. I was very pleased when they were done. I was hoping to have some bees and bugs to put on the cucakes, but couldn't find any, but then Josh came home with a handful of cute little bugs that my Mom took off of her nick-nack birdhouses. They added a wonderful finishing touch! Thanks Mom!!!

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