Parent/Teacher Conference & Report Card

We had our first Parent/Teacher Conference last night with Faith's preschool teacher. It went very well, she said that Faith is doing great. Her report card was great this period, she only had one B, so we were very proud of her for that. Mrs. Schrock said that she doesn't have any big problems from Faith, that Faith does very well with participation in everything and seems to be learning quickly. She does talk a lot and we were prepared for that to be an issue, because Faith is such a social butterfly, but Mrs. Schrock said it's really nothing to be worried about. They will start their "reading books" soon and they will work at their own pace on these. I love when they have an opportunity to work at their own pace, because it shows what they're capable of and what they need to work on. I am all for group schooling, but it does have it's pitfalls and working together at the same pace is one of them. So, I'm very excited that they're starting these books, because I'm interested in seeing how Faith progresses. Anyway, just a little update on Faith, she's doing great and Mommy is very proud of her!
If you haven't seen Transformers yet, it's a must see, especially for any guy you know who use to carry around a Transformer figure as a child. I usually cannot stay awake for a movie at 11:00 pm, but this one was worth it. I was literally eyes to the screen for the entire movie. It was really good.

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