Meet Tillie

This post is for those of you on the SB Listserv. I wanted to be sure to get some pictures of Tillie on here so you can see how adorable she is :) (Yes, I may be partial, because I'm her Aunt, but I really think this one could win the beauty pageants.) As we have discussed already, Tillie is 20 months old. She was diagnosed with Spina Bifida while still in the womb. Her lesion is S1, she has Chiari II, shunted hydrocephalus with one revision, AFO's, Caths 6 times daily, bowel management program and slightly clubbed feet. Now that I have that out there, I'd like to add that she also has an irresistable laugh, an extremely sweet spirit, amazingly beautiful baby blue eyes, she has captured the hearts of so many people through her personality, she's strong willed and says "honey" more precious than I've ever heard it before! She is a huge blessing to our family and we've learned so much from her. It gives you a totally different perspective when you watch these children fight for things that we think should be natural for them. I think that is part of God's purpose through these amazing children, to teach us some of the things that we overlook as we go about our busy typical lives. I personally have been blessed with two nieces who have disabilities and I love them both dearly. Being a part of their lives makes me want to work in therapy, but it's a distant "dream" these days. Anyway, meet Tillie, she's amazing and if you ever have the chance to meet her, you are truly truly blessed!!


Jansen said...

Tillie is so beautiful. You are a great Aunt, I wish all of our families were as involved as you are. Tillie and your sister are blessed to have you in their lives.
Much Love.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for those kind words. The truth is, I think I've been more blessed by Tillie than she has been by me. I've learned so much through her and wouldn't trade her for anything in the world!