Some of you know that my Dad has not been doing well. He has been in and out of the emergency room since Tuesday. His blood pressure has been high and he's been very sick. He is unable to stand or walk on his own. He is having a hard time seeing, because the room is spinning constantly and is pretty much on bed rest until further notice. For those of you who know Dad, you know that he doesn't go to the hospital, so we knew something was serious when he asked Mom to take him to the hospital. I posted about my Dad recently for his 57th birthday, so you know how much he means to me. I have never had to deal with the thought of losing one of my parents before. Sure, they've been sick, but I've never actually thought I might lose them, so it's been a long 6 days. The doctors have said a lot of different things, it could be something he'll live with for the rest of his life, it's something that could go away, but could also recur and it could correct itself. Mom took him to the ER in Springfield at 1 am this morning again. The doctors there have offered some relief to him through medication, so he more comfortable today. He was able to eat something and drink a little bit this morning and was even talking some, which hasn't happened much since this all started. I'm hoping he will be able to drink more, so he can stop getting dehydrated... even the liquids have been making him nauseous. He will have to see an ENT specialist to see what to do from here. The doctors in Springfield told Mom that he has vertigo and some type of vestibular disorder, which as far as we know can be corrected at some point. That's really all we know right now. I'm praying that this combination of medications will keep him comfortable and out of the ER for a while, so that Dad and Mom both can get some good rest. Please keep Dad in your prayers, and Mom as well, they've both been through a lot this week.

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