Easter was fun again this year. Jack gave an unforgettable sermon on Sunday, then we had lunch at their house and let the kids hunt eggs in the afternoon. They had to hunt them inside, of course, because of the weather....but they still had a great time. Angela and I sat down while the kids were resting and we counted out how many eggs each child could find and told them all to stop hunting when they found that amount. We also gave them specific instructions to leave a certain color of egg for Evie (she's the youngest) to find, so that it would be fair for her as well. They all did such a great job of following instructions, I was very proud of them all. Little Miss Evie's color was yellow and she could pick up any yellow eggs....she found a half yellow/half pink egg and left it there, because she didn't think she could pick up the pink....I thought that was really awesome! We actually had to convince her that it was okay to get that egg, because it also had yellow on it. Let's see, then when 3 of the 4 children were done hunting their 16 eggs, we all looked around for the very last egg, which was nowhere to be found. So, we all load up at the end of the day and go to Jon and Angela's house where we get a phone call from Wanda to let us know that she had found the missing egg - on the spare bed behind the pillows. Anyway, it was a day full of laughs....as always with the Littlejohn family! :) Here are a couple pictures of Faith with the Easter bunnies we had at work.....which she offered to trade her two dogs for!! (I tried to get Ormsby to accept her offer, but he wasn't going for it.)

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Betsy said...

You guys are such a pretty family! Josh looks great, Jen you look great and your little girl is beautiful! Glad to see you guys had a good Easter!