End in sight?

The phone calls, the emails, the facebook messages - does it ever end? Does he not realize that he can no longer turn to me? I am no longer his wife, his confidant or his friend. Why does he feel it's okay to turn to me when he needs help with something? I guess part of it is that I have this huge problem with saying "no" - and not just to him, but to anybody. I am that person to so many people and please don't think I am complaining, because I'm really not. I am glad that God has chosen me to be that strong person for so many of the people who I love and adore. But, I don't believe that God had this in mind. For this man to turn our lives completely upside down, lie to us, rip our hearts into a million pieces, walk away from us and then turn around and ask me for help.  I feel that it is an insult - a personal insult. For him to have hurt me in the way that he has, then try to make me feel guilty about things and then ask me to help him with something. That is insulting. Does he think that he has destroyed the woman I am - that I no longer have a voice of my own - that I no longer have a backbone?  If so - he is so terribly wrong! Just as he was when he told me "I've cheated on you almost 30 times, but I really do love you." That isn't love. I am so thankful that I am no longer bound by his chains. 

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