Faith and Mommy......

I'm not sure how to really "word" this, but things in life right now are actually going really well.  Not at all what I planned would be happening in my life, but things are good.  I am finding a strength that I had forgotten I embodied.  I have found a self confidence that I had long ago lost.  I have found a peace that was being clouded with doubt and fear.  Things for me on a personal level couldn't be better right now.  There are people in my life right now who have made me realize that I am okay, even better than I could have ever been with him.  It's a strange feeling to walk away from a decade long relationship with your head still straight on your shoulders and your heart still intact....but I am thankful that I am able to do so.
Faith has handled all of this "divorce" stuff like a little professional.  She really does have such a great head on her shoulders, she understands so many things that she just shouldn't at only 7 years of age.  God sure gives her understanding where it's needed to help her with life. You know, she is used to it being just she and I...this isn't new for her.  And, she's not accustomed to seeing Mommy and Daddy together, so that's not new either.  The "idea" of us divorcing is a little hard on her, but she's pretty much at peace with it.  I didn't expect that at all, but I'm glad God has given her that peace.  She's making plans for her room at my house and she says that Daddy should get a cat, since I have a dog.  She's really doing well, thank you Jesus!

So, it's she and I now....we'll be the best Mommy/Daughter team that you ever did see!!  Look out world!!

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Michelle said...

I'm glad to hear that you and Faith are doing so well and that you have found some peace!